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From: Marguerite Crespillo

Marguerite Crespillo here, active Real Estate Agent and Trainer with the MILLION DOLLAR answer to what I feel is one of the BIGGEST DISCONNECTS in the Real Estate Business.
Now, before I go into my rant I wanna give you a little heads up about me…you see, I LACK THAT “FILTER”, that most people have and USE to SUGAR COAT THINGS.
So If you like FLUFF and SUGAR COATING, THEN STOP READING NOW because you’re probably not going to like what you hear…

Okay, so now that you have FAIR WARNING, ARE YOU READY???

Over the course of my Real Estate Career I’ve noticed a theme…VERY LITTLE COMES EASY, I MEAN VERY LITTLE!

Let me start from the beginning…so… licensed in 1993, I’ve completed over 2000 transactions in my career, Masters Club for the past 10 years and all that good stuff, blah, blah, blah RIGHT? Trust me I’m not here to brag, you just need to know that I’ve been through and am still actively in THE TRENCHES working my bootie off just like you!

I originally got into “THE BIZ” to help a friend out in their office because EVERYONE has always told me that I have a “KNACK” for SIMPLYING THINGS. A skill that may very well stem from being a bit impatient. But whatever get’s you there, RIGHT?

Eventually, I got the nerve up to take my classes and apply for the DREADED REAL ESTATE EXAM. I’m not gonna tell you how many times I took it…the bottom line is that I passed!

So there I was new to the business, very little knowledge and NO CLUE on how to get business…you could say I was a little overwhelmed out of the gate.

The one thing I did have going for me…I wasn’t afraid to DIVE IN! I agreed to take FLOOR DUTY and within the first 20 minutes I GOT MY FIRST CALL!!!

OMG, what do I do now??? BREATHE…STAY CALM…I was so excited/nervous, I just gave one word answers and when the caller asked me to meet them at the property in an hour, you best believe I said HECK YEA!

I remember hanging up and thinking to myself, “Wow this is a PIECE OF CAKE.” 20 minutes, 1 call, 1 appointment. I got this in the bag!

REMEMBER what I said earlier about NOTHING COMING EASY?
You can probably guess what happened…I jumped in my car, drove to the property and WAITED and WAITED aaaannnd WAITED. Long story short, they never showed and I realized I hadn’t even got their phone number! DOH! I was so disappointed and somewhat embarrassed I let this happen, I swore to myself I would NEVER make that mistake again!

And I didn’t. Every call I took after that, I made sure I got their name and number so I WOULDN’T GET BURNED LIKE THAT AGAIN!

Once I started getting the hang of the phone, I got more comfortable speaking with the callers and I set my FIRST APPOINTMENT, showed them a few homes and even wrote up an offer that didn’t get accepted. I wasn’t worried, we’d just go out the following weekend and find something else, after all they were my clients…so I thought…

I called a few days later to follow up and they were all excited. “Marguerite, we walked into an open house and it was perfect! We were so excited we wrote and offer and it was accepted!”
My heart sank! They had bought the home with another agent.

I got off the phone and nearly started to cry! What was I doing wrong? When I spoke to my manager he said “luck of the draw… keep at em!”

That didn’t sound right to me. I started to think about how other industries did things such as Attorney’s, Bankers, Doctors and the common thread was they ALL required you to meet with them first and they got to know you, asked you lots of questions, explained the process to you but for some reason, in the real estate industry we don’t do that.

Well I’m not one to make the same mistake twice, my mamma didn’t raise no dummy!

So I started searching for something that would help me better explain the PURCHASE PROCESS after all I was still pretty GREEN and wasn’t really familiar with the process myself.

Everything I found talked about the AGENT or THEIR COMPANY and gave very little insight of what the buyer is going to encounter during the process, timelines, do’s and don’ts and so on.

I don’t know about you, but isn’t that the point of our job? To educate and represent our clients to the best of our abilities? I’m all for self-promotion but let’s BUILD SOME RAPPORT, SOME TRUST and a RELATIONSHIP before we start touting about how AWESOME we are.
Do you really want to do the same SONG & DANCE as everyone else?

I’ve never been one to follow blindly,  so I started creating my own process, Every time a buyer would ask me a question, I would write it down and add it to my checklist. Every time I made a mistake or something I didn’t expect popped up in the transaction, I would write it down pretty soon it became MY detailed 26 point INITIAL CLIENT DISCUSSION CHECKLIST that I use with EVERY CLIENT, INCLUDING FAMILY!  Same information, every time!

  • Important dates
  • Timelines
  • What they could expect
  • My responsibilities
  • Potential speed-bumps they might encounter along the way.

It’s funny how trust works, I learned that if I identified possible speed bumps up front and educated them on the process, when something came up along the way, they would say Oh yea Marguerite told me about that and I’d look like a SAINT.

But if I didn’t explain something, they would think, she never said that…what else is she not telling us…and THERE GOES ANOTHER BUYER!

Question for you:  What grade would you HONESTLY give yourself on the job you are doing when meeting with clients?  Are you winging it, hoping you cover everything?

Is that the level of service you want your doctor to give you on your next visit?

This PROCESS and SYSTEM is a 17 YEAR work in progress that I have FINALLY PERFECTED!  That’s not my words…take if from BRAND NEW AGENT, Bobby Graves,  who had been a bartender and DIDN’T KNOW A THING ABOUT REAL ESTATE.  He came to a class I was teaching on how to use the checklist and listened, he came up to me after class and asked if he could have a copy of the checklist, I handed it to him but chuckled to myself because you see I have shared this same checklist with hundreds of EXPERIENCED real estate agents and most NEVER USED IT!

About a month later, I ran into Bobby at another class I was holding and asked him if he had used the checklist. He said YES he loved it and had used it with FOUR CLIENTS! I asked him how many of the clients signed the PREFERRED BUYER AGREEMENT? And he said, “ALL FOUR OF COURSE, were they not supposed to?” I laughed out loud and said Yes, of course they were supposed to. You see Bobby never knew any different. He followed the process to a tee and ended up with:


I don’t know about you but I’m all for HAVING MORE TIME, MAKING MORE MONEY and HAVING HAPPY CLIENTS that will refer their friends and family!

What truly prompted me to create an ACTUAL “PRODUCT” was that I was sharing the information with some of the Agent’s in my office and they all came back with the same comment…WOW!

Agent’s that used it were saying their clients were THANKING THEM for educating them on the process and that they’d never had anyone sit down with them and take the time to inform them like they did.  CRAZINESS!!!

WHY WASN’T THIS AROUND WHEN I WAS STARTING? Would have saved A LOT of heartache, sleepless nights and a TON of MONEY!!  Oh well, it’s here now RIGHT…

I said it earlier and I wasn’t lying… I have a KNACK for SIMPLIFYING THINGS.  And by golly, I could not have made this more simple.  I’ve created a plug and play system that you can implement and benefit from today!  A process that you can use EVERY TIME and ensure that you’re giving your clients the service they deserve. 

To help you get started quickly,  I’ve included the following tools:

    • Step by Step Walk through Instructions on how to get my Outstanding Buyer Presentation implemented into YOUR system right away to start generating referrals and much more.
    • Exact Power Point Presentation that I have personally used with well over 2000 clients. You will get this with audio recording done by me and one with no audio that you can use with your own clients.
    • Audio tracks of recorded scripts for you to put on your MP3 player to listen to over and over again.
    • Exact Scripts that I use that you can print out and laminate for easy reference.
    • Detailed Easy to Use Client Discussion Checklist to keep you and your clients on track throughout your real estate transaction. This checklist consists of 25… yes TWENTY FIVE essential items you MUST DISCUSS with EVERY Client!
    • Complete Buyer Presentation Packet with 25 Print Ready pages that you can print out immediately and hand to your very next client.
    • Complete Advocate Folders that you can personally use to track every client.

    The COLD HARD FACT is that Most of you will spend more time OVER ANALYZING this instead of USING IT!

    You’ll come up with all the reasons why it won’t work.

    • “It’s too much information”
    • “I’ll create my own”
    • “No buyer will sit through that”
    • “It doesn’t talk about my company?”
    • “Clients will only work with me if I am with _______________(fill in the blank company) By the way, this is soooo not true! We will get into that another time.”
    • “Clients won’t come into the office”
    • “They just want to see the house, they don’t care about this.”
    Here is the TRUTH! None of these are true….

    You just need to know WHAT to say and you must have a PROCESS!

    Look…Every single client DESERVES to have every possible bit of information they can obtain and they MUST have it BEFORE they ever look at homes. 99% of agents will never do this but the 1% who do, will KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK!

    I’m not just saying this presentation is going to save you time and money, it’s going to help you provide your clients with  an OUTSTANDING LEVEL of SERVICE.  Have you ever received EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE somewhere that was SO OUTSTANDING that you told a friend, family member or relative about how great it was?  Don’t you want to provide that type of service?

    Outstanding Buyer's Presentation
    No Worries. The Product Comes With A
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! We believe so strongly that you will receive SO MUCH VALUE that if you not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money with NO questions asked… You have nothing to lose!
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