Don’t Put Baby in the Corner…

I am not sure I have laughed more than when talking to this Dynamic Husband/Wife Super Star Team! What I love most about Steve and Heather is how TRANSPARENT they both are about what life is really like working AND living together along with 3 kids and how to make it all work.

As Partners, you learn that it can be ok to “put baby in the corner” lol!

Also how important is branding? These Awesome Ostrom’s have branding dialed and how to do it on a shoe string budget!

We also have a lovefest for Sean Carpenter and Seth Godin:)


  1. Heather Ostrom

    Thank you Marguerite! Steve O and I love both you and Joe C. Honored to be interviewed and thanks for having us on your awesome (Ostrom) podcast! You rock. Glad to have you in Placer County.

  2. Ryan Lundquist

    Great job Heather & Steve. Always enjoyable Marguerite.

    • Heather Ostrom

      Awww, thanks Ryan – you’re one of our favorite people on the planet. You are a gift to the real estate community. 🙂 I love being surrounded by all these great teachers and masters of their craft. ~ Heather O

  3. Tami McNeil

    I always say learn from the best and also the people that are currently “doing” the job.. Just being around the Ostroms I cant help but smile.. Thanks for sharing with us..

    • Heather Ostrom

      Tami, I adore you – we need to get our video done. Once I get my voice fully back, and stop sounding like a chain smoker, it’s ON! Love you Tami. (Tami is a stud to work with – awesome). One of the few people on this planet, that can outwit and out-comedy me – funny, brilliant, sharp, and a great lender partner, to have on your side. 🙂


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