EP 72 – Steve Jolly | Where is the REAL Fortune in Real Estate?

What a pleasure finally connecting with Steve Jolly! We run in many of the same circles, it’s crazy it took us this long to meet! As a marketing expert, Steve gives us a sneak peek behind his own marketing plan and how he builds and maintains relationships that lead him to more sales.

Technology is a real estate agent’s marketing dream! The number of platforms available to agents for marketing themselves for FREE is at an all time high. Email, text, websites, social media…but where to begin?! Before you do anything, you have to know your target audience! It makes establishing that relationship and connection SO much easier. Give them a peek behind that happy social media curtain, show them vulnerability, there is value in compelling your audience to not only desire to work with you, but to know you personally.

Take a listen as Steve shares more about getting to know your audience, the fortune in the follow up, and the value of building relationships with prospects that ultimately leads to conversion and forever clients.

Show Features

Here are some of the key takeaways you get from this episode.

  • The Biggest Mistake in Marketing & How to Correct It
  • How to Find a 5 Star Prospect
  • 4 Key Steps for Marketing Yourself
  • The Importance of Knowing Your Audience

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