EP 79 – Andrew Barrocas | Accountability = Success!

It was a pleasure having the CEO of MNS Real Estate in New York City, Andrew Barrocas, as a guest on my podcast show! What an awesome way to start out the year 2017! The New Year signifies a clean slate. The chance to start fresh with new goals and aspirations for our businesses and our personal lives, but how do we reach those goals? How do we hold ourselves accountable?

As a prominently respected real estate authority in the city of New York, Andrew has sold over 5 billion dollars worth of real estate property during the course of his career. That’s quite the feat! So how did he do it?!? Andrew shared with us the value of having an accountability partner or coach. Someone that holds you accountable and ensures you are on the right track to COMPLETING your goals throughout the year. You don’t need someone that will give you the thumbs up and go about their day, but someone that is willing to challenge you and push you to do everything you set your mind out to do.

So often our big list of goals we want to accomplish at the start of the year ranges anywhere from weight loss, to more time spent at home with our children, or a dollar amount we want to hit in terms of commissions or sales. Andrew shares with us why so many of those goals fall through the cracks and what steps need to be taken in order to keep yourself on track, as well as, the kind of people you should surround yourself with that will only push you to be best you can be. Do you want to get to the end of 2017 KNOWING you reached every goal you set out to accomplish this year?? Take a listen to this episode and find out how to make that dream a reality!

Show Features

Here are some of the key takeaways you get from this episode.

  • The Value of an Accountability Coach
  • 3 Key Categories for Setting Goals
  • How to Measure Your Goals & Accomplishments
  • The Key to Success in Real Estate

Thanks for Listening!

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