EP 83 – Danielle Fuhrman | The Color of Success!

Danielle Fuhrman is a Certified Color and Styling Expert and the owner of a full service image consulting business, Reflections of You. Color me impressed, but I was completely fascinated by everything she had to offer! Color plays such a vital role in our daily lives through the energy it creates, the way it makes us feel about ourselves, and the way we connect with people.

Have you ever gone to an event where the speaker had a color on that was so distracting that rather than listening to the message you spent the entire time focused on their attire? They were probably wearing a color that was overpowering their own coloring. You want people to connect with you, not your wardrobe. Danielle shared why knowing your color pallet and wearing colors that fit your personality, your eye color, or your own personal coloring can make such a difference in most everything you do, especially when it comes to building relationships with clients.

Color can affect the way we connect with someone. A handshake makes such a difference in the way we connect with other people. It opens ourselves us to a conversation and bridges that gap. As Danielle said, one of the best colors you can wear for real estate agents, or anyone in sales, when meeting someone for the first time is your eye color. It not only brings out your eyes, but it creates an instant connection that is trustworthy and credible. It allows your client to feel comfortable developing a deeper relationship with you.

If you haven’t had your colors done, you should! Knowing your color pallet and wearing clothes that incorporate those colors can make all the difference in the world by enhancing your confidence and opening yourself up to trustworthy and deeper connections with those around you. Learn more tips on what colors will help build relationships with clients and what can deter them. The right color can be the difference between a dead lead and a successful transaction. Take a listen and discover how color can work for you!

Show Features

Show Features

Here are some of the key takeaways you get from this episode.

  • Building Connections Through Color
  • The Truth About Black
  • How to Make Your Home a Comfortable Space
  • Why Eye Color is the Best Color

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