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Work Less Hours and Completely 
Eliminate Your Competition
Top Producer Shares Her Secrets...
Feeling like you're riding the Real Estate Roller Coaster?
  • systems in consistency?
  • Spending WAY TOO MANY weekends at Open Houses...and not getting any clients...
  • Ever found yourself WIDE 2:30 in the morning worrying if a deal is going to close...or where the next one is coming from...
  • Always chasing new business and wish you had more referrals...
  • Do you believe YOU could be doing more?  Well...why aren't you?

Don't worry, this isn't some type of pitch for therapy sessions...this letter is going to address these questions and give you the answer's to conquering them. 

So if any of those sound familiar...

What You're About to Read Will 
Be Music To Your Ears...or Eye's! 
Stop and Think...
What Would Your Life & Business Be Like If You Could...

Generate Hundreds of Leads Every Month for Little to no Money...
I know you don't need "Hundreds" but what if Lead Generation was on Auto-Pilot

What if you knew how to convert EVERY Buyer/Seller? never hear "NO" again 

Consistently Close 4-5 Deals a Month Strictly from Referrals...

Create Your Own Schedule and TRULY Work When YOU Wanted!
This is not as far fetched as you might have been taught...
NO, I'm not selling
MAGIC BEANS...Stay with me I'm getting to the good stuff!
I'm Marguerite Crespillo
Let me start by saying, what you're about to read might sound harsh and difficult to take in, but Honestly...I'm tired of sugar coating it and you're probably tired of hearing the same old blah, blah, blah about why you're not crushing it and seeing your name at the top of the company leader board each month.
So What's The REAL Issue?
  •   Why are you working SO HARD and others seem to have a knack for finding business?
  •   Why aren't you closing 7-10 deals a month and working less hours?
  •   Why aren't you where you thought you'd be when you made the decision to get into Real Estate?
You Ready? This Might Sting!
It might very well be YOU, and not because of who you are but more about your mindset, experience and the lack of systems in your business!

Truth be told, I was in the same boat when I started back in 1983. Struggling to find clients, not knowing what to say when I did and working CRAZY hours missing out on family time, just to see little to no results.

In fact, I still have the voicemail my son left me asking when I would be home because I promised him we'd go to the movies...
If you want a tear here:  

I'll NEVER FORGET driving in my car, crying my eyes out and feeling like I was a complete failure and I having no idea how to fix it.

Now, your situation might not be as dire, but I know for a fact that 80% of agent's are struggling and fighting for scraps. No plan in place, no systems to follow and running themselves ragged.

For most  it's a vicious cycle of always chasing new business...
then ALL focus is on that deal...everything else stops... 
and when that deal closes (hopefully) they're starting back at square one...
sound familiar?

Fast forward 23 years, 3000+ Successful Transactions and recently being ranked #7 in California and 66th in the Nation by The Wall Street Journal and RealTrends, I'm truly blessed to say that I have balance with life and business, I work part time and my business is 90% referrals.  

I don't say that to brag...I say that to tell YOU that it's possible!  Not just possible, it's even easier than you think...

Want to Know My Secret Weapon?
My secret weapon is EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE!

I know, it' s NOT the sexy easy answer you were looking for but it's the truth...

It's not a super-duper fancy website, branding, or some shiny marketing program being pitched at a seminar.

I put in the work...learned from some of the best and took bit's and pieces and molded my business around my life, not my life around my business.

I’ve literally spent thousands on coaching, training and mentors not only in the real estate arena but marketing experts and other industries leaders to develop systems that I could tailor specific to Real Estate.

I started with the end in mind and knew I didn't want to build my business on calling cold leads...knocking on doors or chasing down FSBO's !

I knew that I was good with people and had a passion for making my clients happy. Little did I know then, how IMPORTANT that would be to my long term success…

In FACT it's worked so well I've trained agent's all across the country on my EXACT systems and processes for marketing, time management and everywhere in between and the results have been OUTSTANDING!...

Jennifer Storemski | Realty One

“I think I owe you a nice dinner sometime soon. Just a few small changes with how I do things in my business and I’ve been flooded with new clients and referrals lately.”

Susan Webster | Realty First 

"I've been an agent for 9 months and Marguerite's systems have worked tremendously well for me...I've closed 9 deals, have 2 new listings, several buyers in contract, my pipeline continues to fill up and I have Marguerite to thank for it!" 

So I’ve decided to make all my training's available on the online, at your fingertips at your convenience! 

Introducing MasterClass Real Estate Academy...

A Worldclass learning environment designed to deliver premier support and training to real estate professionals worldwide. We do this by providing dynamic insight into relevant real estate topics that ensure our members are on the forefront of the industry and equipped with tools and strategies to succeed beyond their reach.

Think of it like, YouTube meets Real Estate Training with in-depth 10-30 minute modules covering topics that can be immediately implemented into your business to yield MASSIVE results...

Could your business use help in any of these areas?...
 Crafting a Business Plan
How to Delegate What You Hate
How to Systematize Your Business
Champage Marketing on a Budget
Client Events that Get Referrals
Outstanding Seller Presenation
Create an Ideal Schedule
How to Create a Seller Net Sheet
Strike it Rich in Your Niche
PLUS MORE WAY MORE!...and We Are Continually Adding NEW Training For Our Members
You Also Get Access to our Growing 
Library of  Audio Insights!

What are Audio Insights?

GREAT Question...A step up from our Podcast Series, these in-depth interviews with Top Producers provide our members with detailed training's on relevant topics in the Real Estate Industry.  From conditioning your mind for success to razor focused blue prints our EXPERT guests are using to CRUSH IT in their business. 

As an Added BONUS...
Members get EXCLUSIVE Access to all Supporting Documents, Checklists and Forms that are shown in our training
  • One Page Business Plan Flowchart 
  • Starting Bell to Celebration (Client Process Checklist)
  • New Listing Marketing Checklist 
  • Pending Sale Checklist 
  • Lead Tracker 
  • Lead Generation Tracker (Success Tracker) 
  • Closing Tracker (Gold Strike Form)
  • ...TON'S MORE!
Get Insider Access to Our Private Facebook Group!

The value is unlimited with this added bonus!  

Join a group of like minded real estate professionals to brain storm, bounce ideas off one another and ultimately hold each other accountable.  With thousands of members to interact with all across the Country this is an AMAZING resource for our members to stay on top of the ever changing real estate market!

Start Building a Business 
That Will Last a Lifetime!

Stop focusing on RIGHT NOW business...and start building a business that will last a lifetime!  

This training is for agent's that feel like they could be doing more, providing more but just need a little bit of guidance to get there.

Learn all the things you SHOULD have been taught in Real Estate School and start running your business like a business!  

My hope is that you take this opportunity to join our growing community to help raise the bar in our industry!

We have produced the BEST online learning environment for Real Estate Professional.
We stand behind our training 100%  and have a FABULOUS support team available to answer any questions you may have.  So you become a member without risk.
If you decide you are not 100% satisfied no harm no foul. 
Let us know we'll refund your money no questions asked.

Become a Member Today 
 For Only $47/Month 
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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