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Streamline Your Social Media with 3 FREE Tools!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+….ugh!

We all know they’re important to our online presence and a GREAT solution to engaging with our clients but who has the time to create, post and share across all the platforms….CONSISTENTLY?

In this post I’m going to layout the most common issues agent’s face when dealing with social media…and how you can eliminate them to streamline the process!  When you’re done learning about this helpful tool, make sure to check out my past post on The Five Problems with Social Media to become a total Social Media Ninja!

Problem 1: Content Creation

This is a BIG ONE, with all that we deal with as real estate professionals it’s difficult to sit down and think of something to post.  What’s engaging? What do people want to see and read?  You can quickly get paralysis by analysis.

Honestly, just managing your social media accounts can be a full time job if you want to do it right. Luckily, with klout-logotoday’s technology…say it with me…”there’s an app for that”!   Use an app like Klout to help find articles to share on your pages, in groups or on your timeline.

Create a free account, decide your interests and Klout will offer a continuously updated feed of articles that you can use based on your settings to share on your social media accounts taking the content creation out of the equation!   You can even go through and schedule specific articles to post at a later date.

Problem 2: Staying Consistent

Klout has a scheduling tool that can be used to set a series of articles to be released…but sometimes informational articles just aren’t enough…not as engaging and become a bit spammy in news feeds so it’s REALLY important to mix in some content of your own.

downloadSo, yes…to become a ninja you will have to come up with your own content once and while.  It doesn’t have to be long or even detailed out.  Use your favorite motivational quotes, a funny meme, current events or even something personal about what’s going on with your life and use a scheduling tool like Hootsuite to set a series of posts up at one time to set it and forget it!  Hootsuite is also an awesome solution for managing your streams in one easy to use dashboard, so you’re not logging in to each site to manage them.  On one screen you’re able to view your streams, comments and even reply back.  Instead of taking the approach of doing it when you think about…block out an hour or two every Monday to schedule posts for the week.

They offer a free account that will allow you to link 3 of your social media accounts but also offer paid accounts that allow for more.

Problem 3: Making it Pretty and Engaging!

download (1)New research confirms that photos could dramatically increase engagement on social media! Don’t violate any copyrights by google’ing an image without use permission.  Use a site like Canva to create professional looking graphics or stock photos to give your posts more POP.  Canva offers a good variety of backgrounds and stock images that can be used with a free account but also have images for $1.

Wonder where some of the posts you see create that text overlay on a photo?  Canva is an easy to use tool to create beautiful and engaging graphics that will get noticed in news feeds.

So there you have it!  3 tools to make social media more powerful and definitely more manageable.  Hope you found this post to be helpful and I’d love to see your comments and suggestions on tools you use below!



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