EP 91 – Desiree Patno | Changing Real Estate For the Better

I want to welcome back Desiree Patno to the show! This woman is on FIRE when it comes to making a place for women at the table in the real estate industry. Her drive to raise the number of opportunities available to women, the number of women at the top, and tremendously increase the number of female homeowners is inspiring. As the CEO & founder of NAWRB, The National Association of Women in Real Estate Businesses, she is making a difference for women in business everywhere.

65% of real estate agents are women, yet most of the leadership in this industry consists of men. We need to start connecting with one another so we can improve our company culture for both men and women in real estate. If we take the time to understand what men go through and men take the time to understand what women go through in this business, we can find common ground to connect and make a real difference in this industry.

Women have so much to offer and we usually offer it while juggling a million other things at the same time! I want to see more women in leadership, more women at the board room table, and more importantly, more women believing in themselves and aspiring to become homeowners. It is possible, the resources are out there, and Desiree is playing such a pivotal role in making sure all women have the opportunities they need to make those dreams a reality. Take a listen and let’s come together to bring as much awareness to this movement as possible!

Show Features

Here are some of the key takeaways from this episode.

  • The Value of Time
  • Building Connections That Make a Difference
  • How to Increase Female Homeownership
  • The Importance of Believing in Yourself

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