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Five Problems with Social Media


It’s really kind of crazy how Social Media has really changed the landscape of how we as human beings function. When posed this question I started to really think about how different things are from when I was a kid. I am part of the generation that didn’t even have computers much less social media, so while trying to stay on top of all the newest trends is frustrating it is also very fascinating and exciting.

I remember my very first experience with Social Media was when I bought my first computer around 1990 or so and it came with “free” access to AOL. It was very archaic based on today’s technology with a chat room type concept and was hard to get around and understand but I thought it was very cool that you could communicate with people in other areas. I remember we only had dial up so it took forever just to login and when I say forever I mean 15-20 minutes unlike the few seconds we get frustrated with today.

The next biggest thing was MySpace. I didn’t last long in MySpace as it seemed it was mostly teenagers who are so quick to figure everything out.

And then I got a random email from a high school friend who said “hey we are trying to put together a class reunion over on Facebook” and I thought Facebook? What the heck is that?
As much as I love it… I also hate it… What I don’t like is the overwhelming addiction that comes with trying to stay on top of everything and everybody. It has truly become an addiction and a very tough one to break. I have never tried crack but I am guessing it falls into that category of addictions.

Problem Number 1

young cell phone addict man awake at night in bed using smartphone for chatting flirting and sending text message in internet addiction and mobile abuse concept
I set up my profile and within minutes had several friend requests and suggestions. I was hooked! Therein lies Problem Number 1!

It’s the first thing I look at when I wake up and the last thing I look at before I go to bed.

I’m sure someone has already started a technology rehab program… I should probably check into that lol.

Problem Number 2

Do not compare yourself with others- motivational advice on a vintage slate blackboard
Comparing yourself. Most people have a tendency to only post all the good stuff going on and seem to also embellish a bit on the truth. For example in the Real estate industry it seems that every agent is constantly posting accepted offers, closed deals and lots of parties making it looks like the perfect job and that they sell 50-100 homes a year. Lenders seem to never have deals that close late or get denied and while we know this isn’t necessarily true it can make us feel like we are less than those people or just can’t keep up. My favorite phrase is “Comparing yourself is Cancerous” and the reason is because you are comparing your insides to that persons outside persona… only what they want you to see. It just isn’t reality. But this single program has caused more self-esteem issues than I think just about anything else.

Problem Number 3

Casual business colleagues having an argument in the office
Getting in religious or political arguments. There is a great saying “Fastest way to ruin a dinner party is to talk about politics or religion”. I can’t express enough how true this is on Social Media. Now if you are a politician or a religious leader I can understand it but if you are going to post your opinions you clearly want to be monitoring the conversations you have to avoid them getting out of control as people have very strong opinions in these areas and want to convince others that their opinion is right.

Problem Number 4

picture of a hacker on a computer
Stalking but not engaging. I think of Social Media like a big networking event. Some people are the life of the party and flutter around the room talking with lots of people and getting to know them. Others are more like the wall flowers who stand along the edge and watch everyone, not talking to anyone. And then there are those who huddle into groups and don’t move most of the event. The challenge with this on Social Media is when one goes through and likes several pictures or posts of a particular person but never comments people feel like it’s kind of stalkerish.

Problem Number 5

Hand of a business man is touching a blank virtual cloud to connect with one female and one male office worker icon to either side. Technology metaphor for cloud computing and mobile connectivity.
All about the Biz. I hear people ask all the time… should I have a business page AND a personal page and while yes I think you should have both I will tell you that most people will never go to your business page especially if it is all about you and your business. They are more interested in getting to know all about YOU and connecting with YOU. Think about where you would go. If you wanted to create a connection with someone would you go to their business page or would you look at their personal page?

I believe that in this wild overwhelming social media frenzy we are in… more than anything people are craving a connection. They want to feel like they know you and you know them on a deeper level.

I have connected with people all over the world, which would never be possible for me without Social Media but my favorite thing is when I meet someone in person and get to say “Hey we are Facebook friends… how’s your kids or your vacation or whatever I was able to learn about them via Social media”. Even though we may have never met in person, because we have been friends via Social Media I feel like I already know all about them.

So avoid all the bad ways and make the best of it! Be sure to friend me!

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