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Hard to be Consistent?

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You likely have heard this quote: Success in Business is all about Persistence and Consistency! But why is this such a challenge for us?

And you probably think you have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) people too right? Squirrel!

Trust me I get it! Even just writing this post, I have been distracted a ton of times. And truly the top challenge I hear from agents everywhere is how frustrated they are with how inconsistent their business is? Sound like anyone you know? You are not alone and this has been a huge challenge in my business as well.

What I will tell you is I have found ways to create consistency in my business amidst all the chaos and overwhelm.

It comes down to finding ONE thing that you can implement at a time and NOT starting or doing anything until thatGoal word on sticky note surrounded by distractions, diversions, confusion, interruptions, and noise to keep you from accomplishing your mission or objectiveis in place. The big problem is we are trying to do a little bit of everything and not focusing on any one thing. Or we try something and when we don’t get the instant results we ditch it and move on to something else. Always thinking there can be a better, faster way can be our demise.

So what is the solution?

Well I wish I could say it is a magic pill and you can buy it here for $9.99 (I would be in Tahiti sipping Mai Tai’s if it was that easy) but it doesn’t exist yet (I’m working on it lol) but here is what you can do.

For me, and should be for you to, the most important thing in my business is my database, my list of clients, friends, family, associates that I want to stay in contact with. Those relationships are important to me and I don’t ever want to lose those connections.

So I made the conscious decision all those years/centuries ago when I got into business that I would stay in contact with them. Now I will tell you I am completely like that person I described above, I have tried lots of stuff. I have sent recipe cards, market reports, newsletters, one page letter of the heart and much more. But the ONE thing I did with consistency is I mailed every month. I will admit there have been a few months when the letter was late or missed a month or two here all together but 90% of the time, my mailer has gone out every month.

Alright I know you are dying to ask “but Marguerite how do you make it consistent”. Here’s the answer, One delegate it, two be accountable.

Let’s start with number 1. Delegate it. There are tons of programs out there that will send something to your database. One example is Hire someone part time or once a month to help you prepare and mail them. There are plenty of people who are willing to work just a few hours a month.

Number 2. Be accountable. Put a reminder in your calendar. I have a repeat appointment with myself every month on the 5th of the month to get my letter over to my assistant so he can prepare it and have it out by the 10th of the month. In addition, he is responsible for reminding me and staying on top of me to actually get it done.

Look here is the bottom line, you want consistency in your business? You need to create small areas where YOU are consistent. Start with ONE thing… MAIL something every month to your database.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments and if you found this post helpful, please share with your friends.



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