EP 70 – Josh Anderson | Getting Back to the Basics

It was an absolute pleasure speaking to Josh Anderson this week! He and his team are located in the Nashville, Tennessee area and they are KILLING it when it comes to agent referrals. Last year alone, they closed 48 transactions from agent referrals around the country. WOW!

How do you get that many referrals from other agents? It helps when you live in a desirable area that many people are moving to. However, networking and keeping in contact with his database are things that he is dedicating his time to each month, which most agents push aside.

Making calls, knocking on doors, sending newsletters to your database…these are all basics when it comes to lead generation, but it’s usually the first thing to go when business picks up.

Josh’s business has excelled because the basics is the one thing he does not compromise. He shared a great quote that only continues to prove true through his success, “The basics are always going to work and they’re always going to win.” Lead generation ultimately costs you nothing but your time. While time is valuable, is it more valuable than your next commission check?

Listen to hear more AWESOME nuggets from someone who’s taking the basics and making it work!


Show Features

Here are some of the key takeaways you get from this episode.

  • The Importance of Over Communication
  • 3 Key Components of Real Estate
  • Adding Value to Your Business
  • Fixing Your Problems through Lead Generation

Items Mentioned in this Episode

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